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The Food Section's first annual report

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I’m always game for planning a get-together, so I recently volunteered to head up my high school reunion committee (which means it’s been 30 years since I served as prom co-chair.)

On a Zoom call last week with the school administrators officially in charge of the function, we talked about the stresses of final exams. I’d forgotten about blue books, late-night study sessions at teachers’ houses, and the hours spent transcribing algebraic formulas in microscopic print on the 3×5 index cards that test proctors allowed us.

But I’ve kept up the habit of reviewing material in December. And today, I’m turning in my work.

This link will take you to The Food Section’s first annual report, presented in easy-to-read flipbook form. There are a range of accessibility options, but if you prefer a hard copy, you can download and print the document from the same site. However you read it, I hope you enjoy the retrospective of this newsletter’s achievements in 2023.

Finally, as the report says, The Food Section’s accomplishments were made possible by subscriber dollars. If you haven’t yet purchased a paid subscription, please have a flip, and consider if there’s anything worthy of your financial support. We’d love to add you to the subscriber count in our 2024 annual report.

Have a great weekend.




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  1. Avatar photoPeggy Malaspina says

    Well done, Miss Hanna. Kudos for the NYTimes shoutout. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things food in the south! Happy Holidays.

  2. Avatar photoKevin B says

    Hey Hanna. I love, love, love the food section. In fact you are the only substack I pay for but with substack’s embrace of hatred on the platform I’m considering not giving them any more of money. Are you considering any alternatives or will you stick it out here?

    • Avatar photoHanna Raskin says

      Thanks, Kevin. I would ask you to have patience with publishers, many of whom were troubled by the platform’s politics before the spotlight was turned on them this week. Getting off Substack is nothing like getting off Twitter: A successful migration takes several months, at best—and for solopreneurs wholly reliant on newsletter income, there is no other option.

  3. Avatar photoCaroline Saunders says

    This is stunning, incredible, fabulous. What a pleasure to read about allllll the accomplishments this year for a pub I love <3

  4. Avatar photoMichael Willard says

    Congratulations on a successful 2023! Kudos to you for letting the sun shine on the TFS innerworkings. Glad to support such a worthy endeavor!

  5. Avatar photoAlex perry says

    So thankful that journalism is still alive! The Food Section is an absolute treasure and I’m proud to be a paid subscriber.

  6. Avatar photoMelissa McCart says

    This is so great. Thank you for putting together the annual report – super illuminating!. Keep up the amazing work.

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