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Maybe you glanced at a calendar this week and realized the traditional school year is winding down. Depending on your circumstances, you might have even felt a little anxious about the situation, wondering if learning shouldn’t roll on through the summertime.

Don’t worry. The Food Section has got you covered.

I’m enormously proud today to announce the launch of The Food Section’s first online course, a series of four weekly lessons designed to turn any interested eater into a Southern food expert. For now, the email course is entirely free, and you can get started whenever you like.

But no time like the present, right?

A bit of background on the program: As I’ve mentioned previously, The Food Section’s audience hails from around the world. When I last checked my Substack stats, I had readers in Angola, Ecuador, and Pakistan, among other far-flung places.

That’s a neat testament to how the internet can shrink the globe. From a business perspective, though, it’s a source of frustration. After all, I’m not sure even my four readers in Maine care enough about Southern food to want to pay for a subscription. How can I expect my two readers in Morocco to invest in the subject?

It finally occurred to me that instead of ruing readers who aren’t familiar with Southern food, I could help make up for gaps in their culinary knowledge. I firmly believe that anyone who completes The Food Section’s Southern Food Crash Course will have all the information they need to make sense of this newsletter, even if they can’t yet pick boiled peanuts out of a legume lineup.

And it’s not just newbies who will enjoy this course: I’m confident that longtime Southern food fans will get something out of it too. I hope you’ll consider signing up even if you long ago surpassed expert status, since I’d love to get your feedback on the curriculum. Plus, when you graduate, you’ll get a certificate suitable for printing.

Again, this is a no-cost opportunity, available to paying subscribers and non-paying readers alike. The course doesn’t come with any assigned reading, homework, or standardized tests. But I can guarantee that you’ll have a good time and get smarter.

How’s that for a summer twofer?

Have a great weekend.

Take care,


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