Join us on May 15 for Spirited Brunch

The fourth annual self-guided snack tour of downtown

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The fourth annual self-guided snack tour of downtown Charleston congregations is free and open to the public.

“Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, tere sare sarbat tha Bhalla.”
– The closing line of the Ardas, a set prayer soliciting peace and blessings for everyone, that American Sikhs will say on Thanksgiving.

As regular readers of The Food Section know, this newsletter’s overriding goal is to bring quality food journalism to underserved places: If this project succeeds, The Food Section will feature the work of more reporters in more states.

But forging a better understanding of history, culture and community through food isn’t accomplished by standard storytelling alone. As The Food Section grows, I hope additional cities in its coverage zone will participate in the Spirited Brunch, a free self-guided snack tour of prayerful spaces that we four years ago launched here in Charleston.



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