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Subscriptions to The Food Section are now on

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Subscriptions to The Food Section are now on sale

Here’s what you now know from reading The Food Section:

·         Pineapple cans make great biscuit cutters.
·         If you can swing it, The Continental is worth a visit when you’re in Nashville.
·         Fast casual operators across the South are racing to install drive-thrus.
·         You can’t get rock shrimp at the St Marys (GA) Rock Shrimp Festival.
·         The difference between bog and pilau is a South Carolina county line.

I know you know all of the above because I also know you’re one of The Food Section’s most loyal readers. Telling stories isn’t any fun if nobody’s listening, so I deeply appreciate your abiding interest in The Food Section’s coverage.

But as you’ve heard, starting this week, folks on the free signup list can only access a brief digest of what’s published in The Food Section. Based on your reading habits, I’m guessing that might not be good enough for you.



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