Chef's plans go south

Brochu's in Savannah, Georgia is an oyster season

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Brochu’s Family Tradition, first conceived for Chicago, opens in Savannah

After chef Andrew Brochu came up with a fried chicken so remarkable that he was hailed as a Chicago hero, at least by the fine dining set, anticipation for his chicken-centric restaurant was intense.

In 2014, following nearly a decade at Alinea—best known for conjuring appearances on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list out of smoke and truffle juice—Brochu had partnered with owner Nick Kokonas to work out what “casual” would mean at their company’s caliber. Part of Brochu’s answer was chamomile sweet tea-brined chicken, with seasoned cornstarch and buttermilk pressed tenderly into every centimeter of the bird before frying.


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