It’s not so Black and white in Chattanooga

Han-Mi recognizes and reflects Asian Southern identity

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Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, near the point where Georgians driving north begin to see double-tall billboards proclaiming FIREWORK WAREHOUSE in a font size rivaled only by roadside placards declaring PECANS, an unassuming, blue-roofed building holds a culinary treasure.  

When I first walked into Chattanooga’s Han-Mi, I thought I had stepped into the wrong place. Labeled a Korean restaurant on Google Maps, I didn’t expect to see white couples in flannels and ballcaps lining the bar, watching a football game on one of several wall-mounted TVs. Kooky font directed me to the “PaTiO,” which I could easily imagine crowded with families clustered around plates of wings in late summer heat, though it was still January.


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