Delivery robot invasion delayed in Tennessee

Meet the automatons

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Meet the automatons serving food across the South

With the Knoxville City Council voting on October 31 to restrict food delivery robots to the University of Tennessee campus, this feels like a fine time to revisit The Food Section’s 2022 coverage of those machines, and their influence on Vol food culture.

When you’re scanning the clear blue Raeford, North Carolina sky for your burrito, there are plenty of lookalikes to distract you.

Raeford is located just down the road from Fort Bragg, known as the Home of the Airborne, so people there are fluent in aviation. I was faked out by a few parachutists when I tried to find the Flytrex drone carrying my lunch order from Mi Casita. “North Carolina is where the Wright Brothers made their flight,” Flytrex cofounder Yariv Bash told me later when I asked why the Israeli startup decided to—ahem—pilot its delivery service in the state. (Federal Aviation Administration approval helped too.)


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